Thursday: Mixed Media from 1-4

January 18 & 25: Mixed media from 1-4pm  

Students will explore a wide range of mixed media materials, including spray paint, ink, collage and paint pens, as well as acrylic paint. The studio provides a variety of stencils should students choose to use them. Jennifer goes over creating a painting based on a source photo the student provides, while first allowing for fun and loose painting.

Materials are extra. Students are welcome to purchase a basic mixed media class kit from Fox Art & Soul Studio. Please note that this kit does not include all of the possibilities for materials used in mixed media. Students can also fulfill the following material supply list:

  • 18x24 mixed media paper
  • artist spray paint in a variety of colors (Please note: spray paint from a hardware store or Walmart WILL NOT be allowed in this class. ONLY artist spray paint is permitted.
  • acrylic paint in a variety of colors or an acrylic paint set
  • paper for collaging: decorative napkins, scrapbook paper, origami paper, etc.
  • heavy gloss gel
  • gold/silver leaf & adhesive
  • paint pens and/or markers
  • oil crayons
  • brushes: 5 in varying sizes and shapes
  • palette knife
  • Silicoil jar
  • acrylic inks
  • alcohol inks
  • pencil & sharpener
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