Friday: Acrylics from 9-12

February 2, 9, 16 & 23: Acrylics from 9am-12pm 

Beginner and Intermediate acrylic painters, welcome! Jennifer goes over color mixing and creating a painting based on a source photo the student provides. 

Materials are extra. Students are welcome to purchase a basic acrylic class kit from Fox Art & Soul Studio or fulfill the following material supply list:

  • retarder for slowing drying time
  • Silicoil Jar or container for cleaning brushes
  • Brushes: medium filbert, small round, med-large filbert, small liner, medium flat (Brushes are specific to the artist so plan on future brush purchases as you paint and discover which brushes work best for your style.)
  • Palette Knife (There are many shapes and styles to choose from; choose something suitable for mixing paint.)
  • stretched canvas, canvas panel, gessoboard or canvas pad 16x20 or larger
  • glass palette and optional Sta-Wet palette to transport working palette to and from class
  • pencil & sharpener
  • Paint: Please note that this is a basic list and there are many more colors available. 

  1. Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  2. Cad Yellow Light
  3. Cad Orange 
  4. Cad Red Light
  5. Quin. Red 
  6. Dioxazine Purple 
  7. Ultramarine Blue 
  8. Phthalo Blue 
  9. Phthalo Green 
  10. Ivory Black
  11. Raw Umber
  12. Raw Sienna
  13. Yellow Ochre
  14. Titanium white--Large tube--you'll use a lot of this! 
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