About Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox has been expressing herself through drawing and painting since she was a teenager. She is always one to think of others and often just gave her artwork away because it made people smile. After a 15-year hiatus to be a mother to two boys, while working as a bartender in infamous downtown Prescott, Arizona, Lindsay has picked up a paintbrush (and not a little spray paint) and has begun to follow her passion and paint again. Her first piece, "Marty Love", was an opportunity for her to express her grief at the loss of a friend. This piece has struck a chord with many who knew Marty, and in Lindsay tradition, she donated the painting to The Birdcage.

Now, Lindsay is pursuing her passion for painting and her love for people by doing commissions and painting whatever moves her soul.


Lindsay Fox's "Love"

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Martin P. Garrett, also known as Marty Love to all who followed him in the Prescott Music Scene, passed away on
September 1st, 2021 due to complications with COVID-19. He is well known in the Prescott community for being active in the music scene between his bands, Carnuba, Cheektones and Jink the Cat, just to name a few. His love for music started at age 16 years old when he learned to play the guitar with his dad.

*All proceeds from purchases of prints of Lindsay's painting, "Love" will go to his family.