Glass Bead Gel

Added for texture, these beads create a unique element to each painting.

Gold Leaf

Adding both texture and shine, gold leaf creates points of interest for the overall composition.

Gel Medium

Giving brushstrokes more texture and fullness, it also adds dimensionality.

Creative Milestones

13 years old
A Seed Of Hope

At 13, she realized her love of art, but was unable to pursue these dreams.

As time passed
Time Goes On

Jennifer began exploring unique ways of expressing her creativity.

Within Reach

In 2020, Jennifer took hold of her dream to become an professional artist.

Creativity Thrives

In 2021, Jennifer began teaching painting classes at a local art store.

Becoming Reality

In 2021, Fox Art & Soul Studio was launched and is now a thriving business!

Remember Nhu - Committed To Preventing Child Sex Trafficking

50% of all profits from Fox Art & Soul go to Remember Nhu, an organization committed to preventing child sex trafficking.

“What an amazing thing, to wake up in the morning, excited about using the gifts that God has given me. And I am so thrilled that through my passion for art and this business, I am able to support Remember Nhu. It’s humbling to think that my love for painting is making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children around the world.”

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Meet Jennifer Fox Hamilton

Jennifer Fox Hamilton started drawing when she was thirteen. After entering a mail-in art challenge she found in a teen magazine, Jennifer and her parents were approached by an art school recruiter. Unwilling to allow their daughter to pursue art as a career, Jennifer’s parents sent the recruiter away. Yet a seed of hope was planted in her heart that day and she held on to the recruiter’s words of encouragement and belief that she had talent. Yet as the years passed and Jennifer became an adult, the dream of becoming an artist got tucked deep inside behind responsibilities, motherhood and the expectations of others.

As her children grew, Jennifer explored knitting, quilting and beadwork and continued to foster her love for photography. In January of 2020, with the encouragement and support of her husband, Jennifer finally took hold of her dream to become an artist. She started the Mastery Program offered by the Milan Art Institute, a move that would carry her through the sudden uncertainty and chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, Jennifer launched her business, Fox Art & Soul Studio, where her passion for horses, aquamarine, and sparkle can be found in each painting. She also teaches painting classes at the local art store, where she encourages her students to step past their fear and into the joy of creating. She hopes to begin product development, getting her artwork onto various textiles.
“Usable, wearable art! Can you imagine!”

  • Jennifer Hamilton Fox
    Owner of fox art & soul studios
  • Her Impact
    Jennifer teaching future artists
  • "Breakthrough"
    Jennifer with a unique composition
  • "Anger"
    Original Painting in Progress
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